About Me

Meet Graziella

Wedding & Event Planner

Producing weddings and events is about creating unforgettable memories. A wedding is not only about designing an event but it’s about telling a love story.

To deliver personalised weddings, I believe that inspiration is key! I seek inspiration from the world around me, through nature, architecture and during my travels abroad. Moreover, I am a firm believer in getting to know my couples and through my observation and good listening skills, I always try to seek those distinct aspects that make couples different from the rest. With all of these ingredients mixed together, at Grace Events we pride ourselves in creating weddings that are personal and unique.

Apart from the passion for the events industry, Graziella comes with both the educational and professional experience in the sector. Graziella is an award winner Masters degree graduate in International Event & Festival Management from Edinburgh Napier University. Besides her education, Graziella brings over 10 years of experience in the industry and has had the opportunity to work in the events industry on both a national level as well as within the private sector locally and abroad.

Our Mission

What motivated me to start Grace Weddings and Events?

Haven’t we all been to a hundred and one weddings that had the same style, the same rented items and no personalisation at all? Even before getting engaged, we’ve all pinned our dream wedding style, décor and dress on Pinterest and Instagram, but when you start to book items, all of those dreams seem impossible and you end up to just settle for the ordinary. After getting married myself to the man of my life at the most unique venue with the setting I had dreamt of, I made it, even more, my mission to provide other couples with the right guidance and assistance to create weddings that are totally personal and unique.

We want to create weddings that are special, in venues that aren’t traditional and settings that will make the couple and guests go “Wow!”. This is our mission and motivation, and by partnering with your ideas, we want to make sure that you have the most amazing day of your life.

We know that events are not just about designing stylish receptions but it’s also about handling all the logistics, budgets and the attention to detail that make the event holistic and professionally executed. We promise to deliver seamless event solutions from the design stage to the execution phase. No idea is too crazy and we are always up for a challenge!

We Team up with your Dream

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